Welcome. Bit Livid is a collaboration between Lewis Attey and Daniel Wood. We make videos. Usually web series. Often comedic. Please enjoy our seemingly sparse internet page, which is, in fact, literally chockers with high-res content. For one, there's our new two-part series, Eating Late and Working Late, which we shot in 2022. Narrated by Lee Lin Chin, the two series explore the inner lives of sad, meek, bored and despondent diners/office workers as they glumly slurp wontons/photocopy stuff. But unfortunately you can't watch that until Q4 2023. Sorry. But if you're a greedy little content piggy and simply cannot wait to gorge yourself on a YouTube comedy in stunning 1080p resolution, have a snack on this web series we made in 2017 called Huge If True. And, before that, we made a series called The Intern. So consider yourself satiated and humbled by the sheer volume of content on offer. You're welcome.